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HPRC 4800W Apple iMac 27" Case

Lightweight, waterproof, unbreakable case that can be used to carry your Apple iMac 27".

There is also cuts out to also insert you Apple Keyboard, Apple Mouse and cables.

The special foam inserts will allow you to securely carry your Apple iMac 27" with peripherals, safely and without shaking it.

The HPRC 4800W case has two wheels that allows you to move it around like a trolley with ease.

*Mac and Accessories not included

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Additional Details

Moreover the new case for iMac has:

• ergonomic handle made of PP SEBS material and a steel pin to provide a high level of ergonomics

• automatic valve which automatically adjusts the air pressure inside

• internal O-ring made of neoprene PA66 makes the suitcase is totally waterproof

• Closing hooks extremely robust. The system for opening / closing in two phases in addition to ensuring a particular fluidity of movement, prevents the hooks to open in case of fall

• reinforced corners that make it extremely shock-resistant


External Dimensions: 776 x 380 x 649 mm

Internal Dimensions: 720 x 320 x 600 mm

Lid: 60 mm

Base: 540 mm


Weight (Empty): 10 KG

Suitable for

Apple iMac 27" + Peripherals

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